5 Reasons Why Internet Tablets

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5 Reasons Why Internet Tablets  Empty 5 Reasons Why Internet Tablets

Post by sangbmt on Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:04 am

As the holiday season continues to count down to Christmas, people are making sure all their favorite items such as tech gadgets are added to their Christmas list. Among the most popular items on these lists for 2010 are internet tablets. All the tech savvy people are excited at the prospect of receiving an internet tablet. Android is the top tablet choice this Christmas. Santa is sure to be busy handing these out!

Are you wondering what the big deal is about Android tablets? Here are 5 reasons internet tablets are so popular:

1.Price. These internet devices are super affordable; many are priced around $200 to $300. The affordability of these is amazing and is definitely a major reason people don't hesitate to add an internet tablet, Android powered of course, to this year's Christmas list. More expensive options exist, but most people are opting for the affordable $200 to $300 price range. At that price, they are cheaper than netbooks yet still offer internet access.

2.Portability. Android tablets are ultra portable! With various sizes available (including a mini pocket size), finding a place to stash one is never a problem. No more bulky internet devices that make one feel like they are lugging all their office equipment around all the time! Also, they still have the functionality of a typical computer. Mini tablets are replacing smart phones for a lot of students these days.

3.Apps. The days of Apple apps being the only kid on the block are gone. Interesting, useful, and amazing new Android apps are popping up in staggering numbers everyday. The exponential growth of Android apps is undoubtedly another contributor to the popularity of Android internet tablets this year.

4.Productivity. Now work can get done anywhere; no more excuses. Internet Android tablets take productivity to a whole new level to make it easy to work on-the-go or from anywhere one's heart desires. Away from the office? On a trip where no Wi-Fi is available? No big deal! An Android powered internet device can help you get work done whenever and wherever you need to. Whether at the coffee shop, in a hotel room, on the street, or anywhere else, tablet internet devices have it all in terms of productivity abilities.

5.Fun. Come on, admit it: Android tablets are just plain fun. They are sexy, make you look hip and are a blast to use. With that said, who wouldn't want one this Christmas? With their awesome touch screens, apps that can do everything under the sun, appealing futuristic design, flawless internet access capabilities, and so much more, what isn't to love about Android tablets? No techie's Christmas list would be complete without one.

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