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Post by sangbmt on Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:20 pm

Choosing a career profile, which would help him in paving a prosperous path for future, is the goal of every student these days. Students always want to opt for a field, which is more lucrative and which promises a bright future for them. The options for career fields are growing day by day and so is the confusion growing between students. Though, there are many new professional courses, which have been introduced in the colleges of India, but still many students prefer sticking to the traditional courses. Fields like Engineering and medicine have always been the top priority of students, after school. This is because these fields, ensures a healthy and brilliant future for students and there are many renowned colleges in India, for the respective courses. Of all the courses, medicine courses are highly respected and valued in the society and there is abundance of jobs in these fields.
Students aiming for admission in the medicine courses in the colleges of India, have to go through tough entrance examinations, clearing after which only, they get enrolled in these colleges. With the passage of time, medicine field itself, has advanced to a great level and there are numerous fields of study, which get covered under the tag of medicine. All these developments and advancements in the medicine fields, has enhanced the career opportunities for the students to choose from. Few of the fields covered under medicine, and whose corresponding courses are provided in the colleges of India, from which a student can choose his career, are:
Career as a Physician
Career as a Surgeon
Career in Community health
Career in Research and Training
Career in Neurology
Career in Dermatology
Career in Ophthalmology
Career as an ENT specialist
Career in Psychiatry
Career in Allopathy
Career in Ayurveda
Career in Dentistry

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