DUI Expungement - How to clear your DUI record

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DUI Expungement - How to clear your DUI record Empty DUI Expungement - How to clear your DUI record

Post by sangbmt on Wed Jan 19, 2011 12:43 pm

Howtoclearyourduirecord.com - You've been arrested for drunk driving (DUI / DWI.) Perhaps you went to trial to fight the DUI case, and lost. Perhaps you feel it was a false conviction (wrongful conviction). Maybe you just pled guilty (or no contest) to Dui or drinking and driving charges. You've got a DUI conviction on your record. So what can you do about this DUI charge now? Expunge your conviction! A DUI expungement is the answer. I bet you didn't know that expunging a DUI was even possible.

DUI expungement can provide the most comprehensive [post conviction] relief available by law. If you file for a record expungment, you needn't worry next time you submit a job application; if you expunge your conviction, you'll have a clean record.
DUI expungement relief is available. Expungement of a DUI conviction is possible, generally fast (when handled properly by a criminal expungement lawyer with experience in expungement laws), and is the best way to make someone convicted of DUI whole. Expungement of California DUI convictions refers to a type of post conviction relief where the finding of guilt is withdrawn, a judgment of not guilty is entered, and the complaint is dismissed. The person is, thereafter, to be relieved of "all penalties and disabilities resulting from the offense of which he or she has been convicted," subject to certain exceptions.
Howtoclearyourduirecord.com is here to provide information about the different types of expungement relief that are available in drunk driving (DUI) cases, the eligibility requirements to expunge a conviction, what expungement can and cannot do, how to find an expungement lawyer to help expedite the expungement of your DUI conviction, and much, much more. DUI expungement is possible; you do not need to be stuck with the brand of a DUI forever. Expunge!
DUI convictions are generally misdemeanor convictions (although, in certain circumstances, they may be felony convictions). If you have been convicted of a DUI, a "wet-reckless," a "dry-reckless," or any other misdemeanor plea-bargain following a drunk driving (DUI) arrest, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to "clean your record" to the extent allowed by law. Expungement is the only legal way to improve your criminal record. More info can be found at http://www.Howtoclearyourduirecord.com
DUI Expungement sometimes referred to as DUI expunction, is the process of removing, sealing or clearing a DUI related offense from your record(s) after conviction. It is the only form of post conviction relief offered for DUI convictions. This may mean (depending on the expungement order) record clearing in the criminal court records as well as removal from police arrest records and any other agencies that have copies of the record. Expungement for DUI is not available in every state but for those states that it is allowed in is a good way to officially rid yourself of a past mistake.
Generally speaking not everyone is eligible for expungement even if your state allows it. In most cases expungement is reserved for first offenders with legitimate reasons/concerns to expunge their records who also file the necessary paperwork (properly) and pay the associated fees. It is not a right but a privilege granted by the government.

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