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Post by sangbmt on Tue Jan 18, 2011 2:59 am

To have a basic and fundamental look at the subject, we should first understand what the word abstract means before we could tackle the understanding of "abstract art" itself; and we learn that abstract in this sense and as a verb means to extract or remove and surprisingly as an adjective means not easy to understand; abstruse. And as a transitive verb it means to take away, remove. It's origin is from Latin abstrahere 'draw away' or 'draw from.'

Aesthetics as a set of principles and branch of philosophy deals with questions concerning beauty and artistic experiences. As far as our general understanding of it is concerned it is a highly nebulous field, subjected to tremendous degree of misinterpretation, particularly in the field of abstract art. In any field of humanities where less accurately is known about that field and its principles have not been precisely formulated, the more authoritarian the field becomes. In the field of arts, with no exact fundamentals accurately developed, the techniques and approaches are wide open for the artists to imagine, explore and create their art.

Later artists took up the movement in such a way that abstract painting gained much importance. The artists believed that the job of the artists was to deepen the mystery rather than revealing it. In abstraction only conception made a difference. The basic idea behind the idea remains the same. Stephen Wright once commented on abstract painting that he had been doing a lot of abstract painting without paint, brush and canvas, but just by thinking about it.

By changed interpretation of reality, it can range from just a small change where the colour of the sky is changed from the actual light blue to say a green or can be a completely different interpretation of reality such as a cubist painting by Picasso, where he completely rearranges and drastically changes a woman's face. Both can be called abstract, though the first one is clearly very much realism and very little abstractionism, whereas the second one is very little realism and very much abstractionism.

We would have to guess, that, if she, and the abstract art market, do not fall into harm, then, in that case, she will be big league ere long, so it is a "hurryup" matter, to get her stuff, while it is still cheap, if you are an investor. Probably her stuff is a good investment, and will rise in value. Brittany works in abstract water color paintings, abstract art prints, abstract art books, and, abstract art gouache paintings.

Abstract art is an artist's impression of a subject or feeling rather than an exact likeness. If you want a flower that looks like a flower or a house that looks like a house, then abstract art is probably not for you. Abstract art is all about expression of feelings, moods, and perceptions through colors and/or different shapes. Some works of abstract art are very intricate and detailed while others are quite simple.

In the Twentieth Century, several other movements such as, Fauvism & Cubism contributed in breaking new grounds. Fauvist used colors in non-realist ways and Cubism brought in the idea of painting an object from more than one standpoint. In addition, Abstract Expressionism, which surfaced in the 1940s, is all about spontaneous, automatic, or subconscious creation. In Abstract Art, the artists express themselves through an aggregation of the emotional strength and self-denial. This expression is coupled with the anti-figurative feels of the European Abstract Doctrine, specified as Futurism, the Bauhaus, and Synthetic Cubism.
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