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Post by sangbmt on Tue Jan 18, 2011 3:02 am

When you want to transfer your likeness to a permanent medium, it's important to find someone who understands the process, both artistically and mechanically - the photos of our lives are the artifacts that prove our physical existence, why leave them to chance? Whether you want to commemorate a wedding, a new life, a graduation, or just need a good looking, professional portrait of yourself or loved ones, Creatively Yours Photography is a full service mobile studio to fill your needs.

Located in Appleton, Wisconsin, Creatively Yours provides affordable, customized services for you and your family. With a local focus and a personal touch, they create portraits that emphasize your personality and style without sacrificing artistry and visual appeal. They have a neighborly appeal - the all-important human factor in portrait photography.

If you want your family photo, engagement photo, or even your Christmas card to exude the warmth that you yourself enjoy, there's no better studio than right where you feel that warmth. That's why Creatively Yours comes to you - in your home or any other place that is special to you, they're professional equipment can turn your living room into an ideal shoot location, so you can add that personal touch, without sacrificing professional quality.

Are you trying to create a professional presence on the internet? If so, you need a professional head shot to stand out - a blurry, poorly cropped picture you downloaded from facebook won't do it. People, especially employers, see hundreds of these in a row, and if you want to stand out, you need a well-composed, artistic headshot. Something that brings out your personality without looking like it was taken on your buddy's phone.

If it's a union you wish to commemorate, Creatively Yours offers a wide variety of packages and customization options to get you exactly what you want on your day - from the surely hectic morning of, to the last dance. If you're on a budget, and who isn't these days, they make it easy to find a package that suits you.

Of course what would the personalized service of an Appleton based photographer be without finishing options? Creatively Yours will do it for free. You want to take a shot that pays homage to an important family or historical portrait? No Problem. You wonder what that shot would look like in Black and White? Sepia? Negative? You got it. They offer free service that really gives your images a unique personal touch.

From start to finish, you are sure to enjoy the quality, adaptability, and personality of Creatively Yours Photography. They provide great service to Appleton and the surrounding area - translating the things you love about your home and family into images, allowing you to really share them with the world. So stop trying to figure out the self-timer on your camera and go with a professional - and think Creatively.
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